A view of 2011

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Snap shot memories from last year

Beauty & Boys in Whitstable

I’ve been back from  the USA  (NYC – LA – VEGAS – LA – NYC) for a couple of weeks now and the jet lag is only just wearing off so it’s been tough getting back to work. However last week I snuck away (again!) from catching up on admin for a day at the coast. I went to visit my lovely friend and fantastic skin specialist / facalist, Nichola Joss and her kids down at their seaside home in Whitstable.

Nic and I met about 10 years ago when I was assisting Miles Aldridge, we hit it off and have kept in touch (sometimes sporadically) ever since. Back then she was a manicurist on set and beauty therapist to the stars.  Now she has contracts with Lancome, Braun, Gillette, Slendertone and is the ambassador for St Tropez, as well as keeping a bevy of super star A-listers looking fantastic. How she does it, remains so ‘normal’ and continues being a great mummy to two energetic boys, I have no clue!

We had a lovely day catching up on all our news, taking a walk down the High Street popping into some charity shops and watching telly by a roaring fire. I promised the boys (especially the older one who LOVES being in front of the camera) that I’d be returning to take some shots of the whole family for my Little Black Book Project. But until then here’s a selection from the couple of hundred or so snaps I took that day!