Chris O’Dowd and the Bouncies

I’ve been wanting to reveal all about a project I had the pleasure of taking part in months ago, in London, just before I moved to NY. But  I’ve had to keep all the behind the scenes pictures under wraps. However with a trailor of the project out, the pictures will follow shortly.

The project is another amazing awareness campaign by MCAC (Male Cancer Awareness Campaign) which this time they collaborated with the breast cancer charity Coppa Feel. It features the comedic genius and lovely man Chris O’Dowd (of the IT Crowd and Bridesmaids fame) and a host of rather attractive women. The full project is being launched in a couple of days… but here is a little taster. We are all so proud of it! So Enjoy and pass it on!

Meatballs, a naked man & a bite to eat!

Where has the time gone? It’s Sunday night already and my to do list still has more items untouched than crossed out. Oh well, who needs sleep!?

This week I kicked my health regime back into gear with the aid of my lovely extended family at Lomax. I’ve been working with these guys on my nutrition and training for a number of months now. But having been away indulging far too much in the joys of New York, devouring my grandmothers famous meatballs and neglecting exercise, this week my two sessions with Miles were truly punishing!

I also spent the best part of a day on Savile Row, discussing a personal project I’ve been wanting to shoot for a couple of years now. I wont say too much just yet, but it involves my favourite elements of taking pictures; storytelling, portraits and beautiful men impeccably dressed. Im very excited and cant wait to get started!

Earlier this year I shot for the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and I had a chat this week to discuss another shoot. Patrick Cox, the founder of MCAC, is so passionate about his cause, his enthusiasm infectious, you just cant say no to him. That, plus he’s such a wickedly funny man…. he showed up for our meeting ‘naked’ like this with his bike. Needless to say a near naked man on a very busy evening around Regent Street attracted a multitude of reactions and comments. Mission accomplished!

In addition to some serious admin days and a very quick shoot on Friday I managed to squeeze in an evening catching up over dinner with friends. The week ahead is full of more training, meetings and admin as well as production for an up-coming shoot of some special Breast Cancer survivors.

But for now, it’s time for bed. I need to be up in 6 hours to train!