Theres nowt so queer as folk…

Where is the time going? Since booking the flight for my move to NYC the days have sped by and the blog has been left untouched – I leave March 14th for those wondering. I have however still been taking pictures; I can’t not, but they haven’t made their way on here yet. My days have been consumed with selling stuff on eBay, scanning an excessive archive of magazines and in general just trying to downsize and cleanse my house and life! Everything from camera’s and gifts from the Ex, to never worn make-up and clothes are going. Why do we hold on to so much crap?! As scary and overwhelming as the move and the to-do list can be at times, my excitement levels are growing too.

This weekend my best friend and I ventured out into the cold and dark, weird and wonderful world of an early morning Carboot, to sell our excess junk to the masses who spend their weekends walking around bargaining for bits of other people’s rubbish. People really do by the most odd things! We both left after a few hours with our car’s notably less and purses significantly more jammed.

For someone like myself who LOVES to people watch, these 4 hours on a Sunday morning are heaven… and I’m truly inspired to return again, no only to reduce the level of useless junk in my life but more importantly take my camera down to capture a few of the amazing “folk” I come across. But for now… back to packing.

A view of 2011

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Snap shot memories from last year

Double Yellow

W1 – London

Underground – London

Bakerloo Line – London Underground