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Chris O’Dowd and the Bouncies

I’ve been wanting to reveal all about a project I had the pleasure of taking part in months ago, in London, just before I moved to NY. But  I’ve had to keep all the behind the scenes pictures under wraps. However with a trailor of the project out, the pictures will follow shortly.

The project is another amazing awareness campaign by MCAC (Male Cancer Awareness Campaign) which this time they collaborated with the breast cancer charity Coppa Feel. It features the comedic genius and lovely man Chris O’Dowd (of the IT Crowd and Bridesmaids fame) and a host of rather attractive women. The full project is being launched in a couple of days… but here is a little taster. We are all so proud of it! So Enjoy and pass it on!

Explaination for AWOL

So to say I havent been blogging for a little while now is a slight understatement. Although I haven’t disappeared off social media entirely, as anyone who follows me on twitter or Instagram can attest (it’s easier to maintain via my constant companion Mr iPhone), I have been, to say the least, a little too busy to blog.

Is that a genuine excuse? Yeah it probably is.  But is it a decent one? Probably not!

Since I last sat in front of my screen with this blog open for more than a passing moment to check on my stats (mild obsession), I’ve been back and forth to the UK a couple of times for work (and lots of it at that), the Olympics happened (and I felt unusually patriotically British for the first time in my life) and I’ve taken a few steps closer to getting my life, work and play established here in NY.

Even though I’ve not been posting, I have still been taking thousands of images on both my iPhone and “real” cameras.  I will be putting more Snap Shots on here soon, also a number of exciting projects I’ve worked on and filling you in more on what I’ve been up to….but for now, I’m retiring back into my Quiet Zone. I have a long day of processing ahead and I shall be back with full blogging force in the next day or two!

Until then…

Diamond Jubilee Kids Play