Explaination for AWOL

So to say I havent been blogging for a little while now is a slight understatement. Although I haven’t disappeared off social media entirely, as anyone who follows me on twitter or Instagram can attest (it’s easier to maintain via my constant companion Mr iPhone), I have been, to say the least, a little too busy to blog.

Is that a genuine excuse? Yeah it probably is.  But is it a decent one? Probably not!

Since I last sat in front of my screen with this blog open for more than a passing moment to check on my stats (mild obsession), I’ve been back and forth to the UK a couple of times for work (and lots of it at that), the Olympics happened (and I felt unusually patriotically British for the first time in my life) and I’ve taken a few steps closer to getting my life, work and play established here in NY.

Even though I’ve not been posting, I have still been taking thousands of images on both my iPhone and “real” cameras.  I will be putting more Snap Shots on here soon, also a number of exciting projects I’ve worked on and filling you in more on what I’ve been up to….but for now, I’m retiring back into my Quiet Zone. I have a long day of processing ahead and I shall be back with full blogging force in the next day or two!

Until then…

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