Nice Bum

I confess I have been neglecting my blog for a while. Besides the obvious holidays which pressed pause on things I’ve been holed up in my office finally putting all my CD’s into iTunes (yes I still buy CD’s and have over 800) whilst scanning images from the few thousand magazines I have in my archive – all in preparation for my fast approaching move to NYC. But I’m back now; one week into 2012 and one week done of a 4 week juice detox.

In the spirit of downsizing my two bed townhouse to fit into a one bed NYC apartment (urgh!) I thought I might check out a Carboot sale yesterday to see if it was worth returning to part with some of my unwanted bits. Having never been to one I was unsure what to expect, but the old lady on the mobility scooter with her pet parrot and a table of cheap broken watches attracting a crowd were my particular highlights. Perhaps I’ll stick to eBay, the recycling center and charity shops to help with my clear out!!

Continuing the theme of downsizing and shedding excess bits  (and in typical New Year New Lifestyle) I have embarked upon a 30 day juice detox following my mate Jason Vale’s programme (including this week The Worlds Biggest Juice Detox). After the first few days of detox headache hell I am bouncing with energy…and lost 9.8lbs in the first week! So this week I’m back in the gym, have a couple of shoots and prep for meeting my new business manager / agent next week.  2012 is looking good. I will have a nice bum I will!


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