Yes You Can

When my youngest brother Christopher was diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer in 2009, one of the many experts we consulted was naturopath / herbalist Max Tomlinson. Max is a wonderful man and his inspiration to help others comes largely from his son Jasper who has cerebral palsy. It was through Max I heard about Team Hoyt and along with my brothers’ diagnosis and a desire to just do ‘something,’ I was compelled to enter my first triathlon having never done anything like it before.

The story of Team Hoyt is beyond inspirational. Many times when I am having a “life sucks” or “I just can’t” moment (I know we all have them) I’ve been drawn back to watch or read again about this Father whose unconditional love for his son is boundless. Their message “Yes You Can” carries me forward.

Your eyes will most certainly well up with tears and I guarantee you will be in awe… it is impossible to watch this clip and NOT be touched and inspired… PLEASE watch it.

Team Hoyt’s race statistics are phenomenal. Competing in a total of 1069 races since 1977, spanning everything from 5k runs (their best time 17m 40 sec) to the challenging Ironman in a seriously impressive 13:43:37. They have completed 247 triathlons; 6 were the Ironman distance and 7 Half Ironman. The pair have run 92 half and 69 full marathons. Their best time of 2:40:47 for the full marathon is just over 35 minutes off the current world record.

My race statistics are nowhere near as impressive. In September 2012 I will be joining TEAMS DUNCS  for my second triathlon. Along with the memory of baby brother, I know Rick and Dick will also be my inspiration.

Read more about Team Hoyt HERE

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