Wild at Wisley

Earlier last week I had a much-needed catch up with the beautiful Chloe Honore; one of my very best friends, fantastic make-up artist, successful blogger and fabulous mummy to two amazing girlies Esmeralda and Gertie Boo.

Chloe was the very first friend I made in the “industry” when I was assisting Russell Sadur and she was just starting out on her own. We have been friends through thick and thin ever since. She’s worked for a multitude of publications including Vogue and Elle, on shows like The Great British Hairdresser and with celebs such as Usher and Girls Aloud. She’s also recently created her blog OhSoChloe and her video tips and how-to’s are getting thousands of views – one day I might actually get her to show me what to do with all the products she and my other make-up artist buddies give me!

A few years ago Chloe and rockstar hubby Pete moved to my neck of the woods so the Honore House is now a great little place about 10 minutes from me in Ripley. For our long overdue catch up us girls went for a wander around Wisley Gardens on what turned out to be a really beautiful mild sunny day. Chloe and I got a chance to have a chat whilst Esmeralda and Boo Boo had some lunch and ran around exploring waterfalls and playing in the playground. Such a lovely way to spend a few hours.


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